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Non-Believers - My 335 DL

I just wanted to give you a guys little update on my progress that i’m sure you wont believe but i just want to hear ya bitch is really why i’m posting.

Remember when you guys said there was no way i could deadlift 325 with my build at 155 (i actually did it at 145), well today i deadlifted 335 at 165, EASY. Definately could have put the 25’s on and done 365, but its the first time i’ve pulled singles in a while so i didn’t wanna push it.

And once again i dont think 365 at my bodyweight would be alot, if you look on the new deadlift max thread there are alot of guys my size pulling alot more. And yes i did say 165, so i’ve gained 10 lbs in the last 3 and a half weeks. So there ya go, lets here some of those non-believers.

Well you’re right about one thing, that’s not a lot at your weight.

I got 425 when I weighed 148 and that wasn’t considered great.


I know man, thats great i’m not trying to say i’m doing alot. A while back i posted a pic and put my numbers with it and everyone says there was no chance in the world i could deadlift that much and that i was flat out lying. Which i’m sure they will say the same thing this time, but i just wanna here them bitch haha.

If you are pulling more than double your bodyweight you are pulling more than the average man. Or so I have read. You probably want more, but there’s nothing to apologize in what you have already pulled.

rarely post here, but if i recall correctly it was your bench that others questioned…carry on
btw, if in fact people doubted you the first time, you might want to post a video or at the very least pics to back yourself up…now carry on

Wow. You are one pathetic dude for having to be a dickhead like this. If I was one of the people who doubted your DL ability, then I would be laughing my ass off because you haven’t backed it up with any physical evidence.

Go check ou the 940lb DL video by Benni that was posted yesterday. I think that’s worth talking about and not this.

C’mon guys, this man over here is competativee…and at least as we can see he was determined and trying hard. Perhaps shouldnt brought it out with acting like he’s mr.big man now lol, but its an accomplishm,ent for him, and we all know how happy we get when we accomplish something right? right. Soooo good job man, keep up the good work, just keep most of the dirty comments in your head and keep it as fuel to your flame!



I think he’s getting flamed because he claimed a lift, people doubted, and then to prove his claim he…wrote another post. I think most people were waiting to see a pic or a video.

Would you like a cookie? Either Pony up or shut up (IE- pics or vid, or just stop making claims you can’t back up with concrete proof). But anyways, good job if it’s real.

haha, I am lightpower and i can squat 1000lbs easy!

Poor Binford. He never had a chance.

Dude, if you’re doing it, that’s great. But no one really cares.

Let me get this straight… you posted a some numbers that people didn’t believe and to prove them wrong, you decided to post some updated numbers that you don’t expect them to believe either…

Whatever floats your boat man!

That’s pretty good, keep up with the training, am small too 60k deadlift around 360. keep it up and set a record

I’m the same body weight and pull about the same weight, unfortunately.
Good work on the effort though.
There is a funny thing though that occurs near max effort. It’s a very fast tappering off of increase in weight where 335 feels prety good, but jump 30 lbs. and it ain’t moving. Best to sneak up on a max by increasing the weight in smaller increments as you approach the intended max.

What’s you height???

bout 5’8.

[quote]oboffill wrote:
haha, I am lightpower and i can squat 1000lbs easy![/quote]


[quote]jsbrook wrote:
Dude, if you’re doing it, that’s great. But no one really cares.[/quote]

That’s what I’m fucking saying. Get a video camera and prove yourself if you must douchebag, but then…oh yeah…still no one will really care.

And I bench 1,200 at 191 lbs. for two reps.

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Oh, Binford, poor Binford.

I am so glad you posted this ‘clarification’. Now I know for sure you’re telling the truth because … um … you said so. Much more believable than your first claim.

But I do thank you. Sincerely, I do, because reading these posts has been even more fun than reading the PM’s you sent me when I posted here http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=767349&pageNo=2

Now even more people can enjoy your delusions.

Thanks again. You’re hilarious.