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Non-Athletes Watching Sports


I don't get it. I know tons of dudes that go apeshit over football...i.e. every stat ever..and these are the same guys that I went to hs with..who had the chance to play but didnt try once.

what's the motive for being passionate about something you refuse or refused to do yourself? Do you think you actually "know" the games you watch? Is it just something to do for social purposes?


I dunno? Is it kinda like people who don't get laid watching porn?


The only thing that comes mind is guys who wear jerseys w/someone else's name on it. Age 12 is the exact cutoff where that shit becomes really stupid.


Let me get this straight...your question is, why do people watch an awesome display of skill and athleticism?

not sure if srs...


What about t-shirts with players names on the back? I rock a Bonds one, a Willis one, and a Pavelski one, and there's nothing stupid about that.

I also played sports all the way through college, so I can't help out with the original question.


Playing a sport gives you a perspective that others don't have, but being a non-athlete doesn't preclude you from enjoying a sport.

I can't fight worth a shit, but enjoy MMA.


Rock, this might be the dumbest fucking thread known to man...

Or are you just setting up more trolling?


serial brah

I mean, if you bever did the activity in your life...why the attraction? I guess I'm too much of a purist....


What are the stats for %age of kids who make the football team in HS, college and pro's? That means that only that %age of people (mostly men) are allowed to love a sport and be die hard fans? (Urlacher jersey from long ago. Need a new one :slight_smile: Baby must have you sleep deprived!


why is it dumb? I think its a legit question. BUT if you say its dumb I'll stop....lol

I guess my view on this is tragically unique.

let it die

not trolling


Funny, I was going to suggest that Papa Rock needed a nap as well


its showing that much, huh? lol


no sleep




Who wears some other dude's name that isnt a relative? At least we are kind of on the same page.

but alas

I will go hide in my car to attempt the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I do not understand this statement. How the fuck does repping your team or favorite player make you look stupid?

"Omg your wearing another mans name on your back!"



Lets see, I can't bake a pie for shit, and have never really tried. But I love to eat the fucking things.

I mean, dude you don't have to be a football player to enjoy watching the game. Just don't sit in the stands and talk about hockey.

My buddy fucking lOVES hockey right? Dude sweats the shit out in the morning. I bet if you put him skates he would bust his legs and bleed gravy all over the ice, but he knows a shit load more about hockey than a lot of other people I know.

There are a million reasons someone might not have tried to play the sport as a kid, but none of those preclude someone from being a fan...

Common Sense answers your question.




I can kinda get what he's saying. He's not talking about kids who just didn't have what it took to make it at whatever level, he's talking about guys that refused to even attempt to play who are now gung-ho supporters of whatever sport. Not all that different from goofy kids wearing TAPOUT shirts who've never thrown a punch. I don't necessarily agree, but I get it. Also, women are the only adults who are allowed to wear jerseys.


do you play modern warfare or MOH-series?

are YOU in the military?

shut the hell up you ignorant m'fer