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Non-Aromatizing / Non-Androgenic Orals


I know there are still side effects with non aromatizing orals so dont waste your time by trying to tell me about progesterone. But I want to know what are the different N-A orals besides Anavar.

stats 5'10 180lbs 8% body fat


Dude, you're starting to get really annoying. Google it, you could have found this info in 5 minutes.


Seriously. There are like 5, maybe 7, common oral steroids. Find the profile of each and there you go.

This question is even more retarded as 6 of the 7 I'm thinking of DONT aromatize.


well which ones wont give me acne then.




If I remember correctly, you're a freshman in college. English 101 should help to fortify your ability to do your own research......seriously though, it's important that you learn to find public information. Depending on other's for basic information is just lazy.


I know most of them, but I want to find a cheaper alternative to Var, and a lot of people say OT but OT is also hard to find, so I'm trying to find the next best thing, and I'm not having any luck.


OT is very easy to find. I can name 10 sponsors off the top of my head that carry it. I love tbol


is it significantly cheaper than var?


Any one who can help with some sponsors for a newbie that needs help with reliable gear. My stat are a aviable and I'm prone to gyno have small amount for teen years, looking for non aromatising. Had blood work done it was a metabolic panel all values normal. Have serm on hand already (nolva), milk thistle, taurine, protien, creatine, multi tab, fish oil. I'm looking to get more defined and cut more body fat, currently at 9 peecent.


looks like were in the same boat, my tits randomly hurt now after my last cycle in august


I don't really know what it is mine never hurt or are uncomfortable but they have harder tissue and its not totally noticable. I wanna try some non aromatising orals first to test the water out. I'm just having trouble finding a good source!!! What have you tried in the past???(cycle wise)


I've only used Test Blend 250, besides being easily aggravated(as with any hormonal change), i didnt get any sides till after the cycle.