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non-aromatizing cycle

In the past I have had a problem with gyno, both from puberty and steroid use. Is there a good cycle I could take that doesn’t aromatize? I have plenty of oral winstrol, but what can I stack it with. I am 6’1 225, 27 yrs old and have been training for 5 yrs.

Rather than avoid non-aromatizing steroids altogether, I would just incorporate Arimidex into whatever cycle and keep plenty of Nolvadex on hand.

During my last cycle I took 20 mgs a day throughout the cycle and clomid post. I still developed gyno and will have to have surgery in the near future. I guess I might as well go ahead and do a cycle that aromatizes because I already have gyno.

err did you not read what Warhorse recommended? Arimidex, that will totally block all estrogen activity or Femara is supposed to be pretty good too.

Just because you took it doesn’t mean it was legitimate, properly dosed Nolvadex.

Jason have you ever seen the movie Fight Club.You and BOB will soon have 1 thing in common.

F*ck you.
I hope to God my gyno doesn’t get like Bob’s. I’ll need a Manzere or a Bro.
Right now it is just a small lump, but unless it gets removed it could kep growing. Thanks for the advice guys. I thought after the fact that maybe the novaldex wasn’t legit. It came from Pakistan and it was actually Tamoxifen. So can anyone recomend a good cycle that doens’t aromatize and includes oral winstrol?

tamoxifen IS nolvadex.
And you should use ARIMIDEX like you’ve been told.


Anyways, you could use primo/winny/trenbolone for a cutting cycle w/no estrogen formation. But testosterone would by far increase the effectiveness of the stack.

If you can not find arimdex just go to pumpnpose and buy there liqudex

If you can not find arimdex just go to pumpnpose and buy there liqudex

can anyone actually attest to the efficacy of liquid “research” products like tamoxifen, clomiphene, cytomel, etc. that are sold online? has anyone used these?

Don’t know about Liquid research but used Pump n pose Liquidex I have no water rentention from 20mg dbol/750mg Sust/week/75mgtren a day. It tastes nice and you get an independent lab assay for whatever its worth.

Don’t use Liquid Research they got busted like 4 weeks ago.Pumpnpose has good clomid, nolvadexand arimdex.

also, if you use this liquidex from pumpnpose what is the dosing and do you take it IM like your gear?