Non-Aromatising AAS and Bone Growth

Just wondering about the potential effects of using a non-aromatising steroid on bone growth and plate closure.

One of the commonly cited reasons for not using AAS below the age of 25 is that the person is still likely to be growing (even if not in height, shoulder joints in particular may still be growing).

Since estrogen is known to accelerate the closure of growth plates, would it be reasonable to assume that a cycle involving non-aromatising compounds, followed by a PCT with Nolva and/or Clomid, could help avoid these problems and allow for normal growth to continue (or even allow for some additional growth, since estrogen may be suppressed…admittedly for a relatively short and perhaps negligible amount of time)?

I’d be grateful for any thoughts and feedback on this :slight_smile:


Non aromatizing androgens were used for treating short stature and other growth issues in adolescents, so yes. AFAIK they aren’t used for that role anymore because HGH is far more suitable.

Clomid and nolvadex though both exert estrogenic effects in bone IIRC, so that may be negatively impacting. Hard to say if it would matter in such a small frame of time though.

Interesting stuff - very insightful. It seems you’re right, that Nolvadex does seem to lead to plate closure. Hopefully, 4 weeks shouldn’t be enough to do any real damage. Thanks for the response :slight_smile: