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Non-Androgenic Steroids

Hi, first post, been coming to this site somewhat religiously for about a year now, around the time i started trainin, i used to come just to read Atomic Dog though to be honest lmao.

Anyways, to the point, I’m only 18, so I’ve no desire to start juicin’ at this point in my life, and i’m still deliberatin whether i will later on in life, but i do find AAS very interesting, I’ve always been into human biology (i have an A-level in it) and i’ve been researching into AAS for a few months now, and i have a question about non-androgenic types like Turinabol. I understand that T-bol has an androgenic rating of 0, so u dont have to worry about gyno and water retention and stuff. My question is do u need any sort of PCT after cycles with stuff like T-bol, and, is there any danger to younger athletes like say my age from takin non-androgenic types like T-bol, does it shutdown normal Test production like other steroids?

Like i said, not lookin to juice right now, its all in the pursuit of knowledge. Thanks for any info.

T-Bol will shut you down. It dosen’t shut everyone down to the same degree but pretty much everyone that has used it gets some libido decrease at least.

Most will say it is milder than D-Bol and of course you don’t have the estrogen conversion but if you think it isn’t androgenic at all take a look at some of the female east german olympic athletes…supposedly the germans were giving them all T-Bol and they got pretty manish.

Great Decision not to start gear at age 18. Train had another 5 years before you try it.

I have used OT and did do Nolvadex for four weeks afterwards. Perhaps it was overkill, perhaps not. I did a proportionally longer cycle of OT than most advise. I did 2 months or 9 weeks at 40mg ED. 4-6 weeks is generally what is recommended with 6-8 being the absolute max.

In terms of testicular shutdown, it was mild after a few weeks but right around that 7th week it became even more apparent. I only had what I knew was a 2 week supply left so I made a choice to finish it off. The last week was were I finally started noticing some lathargy, some of the lower back pain pumps people refer to, etc.

All in all the gains were mostly lean. [I believe OT’s androgen score is actually 6 not zero] I was trying to eat a lot of protein and calories of course to maximum my gains which could be why I for one did not experience much in the way of fat loss that some claim can be had from OT. By the end of nine weeks I had a scale weight change of 11-12lbs. My strength increased appreciably as well. I did the nolvadex for 4 weeks at 40mg the first week, 30 the second, 20 the third and 10mg the final. I also downed a bottle of Liv52 during my month of PCT. One month I after I stopped the cycle i.e. at the end of my month of nolva my BW was only 1lb less than at the end of the cycle. My strength and body composition were the same; which is to say they neither went up or down. It should be noted I did catch a cold during my post-cycle period about 7-10 days after my last OT. This cold lasted a week during which time I didn’t train fior six or seven straight days. So all in all I would say I retained my gains quite well considering I was ill for a week. Although it could also be argued I was getting to the point of being overtraining while I was on OT; so the week off was probably a very good thing.[Whether that cold was caught because of an extra long OT cycle or not is debateable]

I have also used DBol many, many moons ago and do not have as detailed statistics on my results on it. However, I seem to recall feeling slightly more pumped up on DBol and looking slightly bigger while on it [no doubt the higher degree of water retention]. I do also recall that a few weeks after I stopped DBol the puffy-ness was gone but some of the size and strength had gone away with it as well.

By general concensus DBol is the superior product for size and strength. However, OT was/is not a bad product at all.

Again, thank yourself for making the wise choice not to gear up while you’re still in your teens

Cheers guys, this is exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

yeah, sapasion’s right about it being a 6, not 0. not a big difference, though.

i posted a bunch of steroid profiles on the Newbie thread, and most of 'em have the anabolic/androgenic ratio listed, if you wanna check that out…

Cheers cyco