Non Androgenic Steroids?

new here sorry if i am in the wrong place to post this but can any one tell me what a none androgenic steroid is and how it works pls i have been trying to find out all over the place and have had no luck yet

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Winstrol is supposed to have a high anabolic to androgenic ratio…even though it is not a great muscle builder

I am pretty sure people would disagree with your statement Mr. Walkway… Pretty certain winstrol is considered a DHT derivative, which pretty much is ‘androgen.’ Also its potential anti-aromatase, anti-progestenic properties would point to it being androgenic as well as its ability to bind to SHBG and increasing strength.

Contradictory as it sounds, some people say winstrol is relatively ‘safe’ for women to use at low dosages, though I am certain I am familiar with a female who’s voice is a little deeper, not too bad though. She still looks very feminine.