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Non-Androgen Eating

Bill- I know when not on androgens, you reccomend 1.5g of protein per lb of bodyweight. But, what percentage of fat-carbs-pro do you normally reccomend when not “on” anything? Also, do you believe in mixing fats and carbs, or do you go along with JMB’s rules? Thanks.

Well, I don’t think so much in terms
of ratios, but amounts, for the most part.
Fats though I tend to think of in percent.

Fats, I think mid 30’s is best.

Protein, 1 to 1.5 g/lb/day.

Carbs, sufficient to achieve desired calories.

For natural training, I find that
the cyclic ketogenic dieting (I prefer
2 separate carb up days per week rather
than 2 days in a row), consistent isocaloric
dieting, and Berardi’s approach all to
be able to work very well. Berardi’s approach
is I think the best.