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Non-Allergen Protein Powder Please!

I’m one of those who can’t really use milk-based protein powders (I’ve tried many different kinds) for allergy reasons. I know there are a lot of people like me and if someone could make a non-allergen protein powder that actually tasted good I think it would be a hit. .

The Biotest crew seem to be the masters of making protein powders that taste good. It would kick ass if they made something I and others could use! Maybe a rice protein Grow!? What does everyone else think?

Rice is hypoallergenic but alas, it’s also not a very high quality protein.

I understand your plight, though. In the early 90s it was nearly impossible just to find protein powders without lactose. (At the time I couldn’t even look at lactose without devastating consequences.) That left me (just like the allergic guys) getting pretty sick of canned tuna! Egg protein was one alternative for me, personally, but it also is an allergy no-no for some people.

I think the market is so small that you might end up paying $80 a tub… unfortunately, I’m only half kidding.


Only a tiny fraction of people are allergic to > one food. So the ones who can’t consume whey or casein or egg are left pretty screwed.

Meats are always good but tuna shakes don’t exactly fit the bill of “drinking protein when not hungry”.

[quote]vroom wrote:
I think the market is so small that you might end up paying $80 a tub… unfortunately, I’m only half kidding.[/quote]

Oh well. Thanks for your responses. I’ll just stick to food I guess!


I think a lot more people are alergic than they realize. For instance, whenver I use a lot of why protein in my diet I have breakouts of acne. If I keep my diet mostly whole foods, it clears up.

Of course, eatting chicken/meat/eggs all day is a real beat down, and so I normally just accept the breakouts and have my protein shakes.

I have not found a middle ground yet. Soy protein doesnt cause me the same problems, but I am not willing to risk the potential side effects for men.

Oh well, I guess I could always puree my Tuna with a little V-8!

I use this rice protein powder some times, whey at other times. I have allergies if I use dairy (and other foods) too much, hence the cycling. The rice protein tastes nowhere as good as Grow!, but it is very hypoallergenic…comes unsweetened, add your own.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I’ve tried that nutribiotic rice protein before and thought it tasted horrible. I don’t need a milkshake, but still… One thing about the nutribiotic product though - I figured when it said vanilla on the package it should taste like vanilla. I didn’t realize you needed to add a sweetener. I’ll try it again and see what happens.