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Non-Agenda-Oriented Solutions


This board is fraught with political and religion argument and I've noticed that when someone brings up an idea that doesn't have a side (such as my idea in the "How to get rid of Jobless people" thread and the lack of response to my response about how it's true that Atheists do turn into somewhat more selfish people and what can be done about that), no one cares to give it a second thought.

This means that either everyone is just here because they want to fight or they don't care about an idea unless it was brought to them by their religion or political party. I am scared of that second option and I hope it isn't true.

What original solutions do you have for the problems that exist in our society?



People who come up with original solutions to age old problems are usually bat shit crazy.


To believe that you can solve a problem by continueing to use solutions that have previously failed, that's craziness.

Ironcross, unless humankind makes a discovery that releases us from the bondage of fossil fuel and unless humankind unlearns ancient superstition in favour of reason, I think we're doomed as a species.

There are too many people who believe in lies and those who are in a position to make a true difference; they don't care at all.

The problems that exist in our society exist because of our society. To solve those problems is to change society at it's heart and that only happens with war, revolt or cataclysm.


Not really.

Even if they do not acknowledge that some problems are part of human nature, at least their craziness is tempered by experience.

People who invent an exciting new kind of crazy are usually far more enthusiastic, and by that I mean bloody.


Yes, really.


Well, it depends on the problem, list one and I will give you a solution. 'All of them' is kinda hard to give a solution to. Jobs, homelessness, drugs, Middle East, the Meredith Kertcher murder, etc.?
I got lots of solutions.

Can't say I have an agenda in all of them because lot's of things don't really pertain to me.


I happen to love fossil fuels....


A cheap, renewable and sustainable source of energy will free us from so many problems that come with fossil fuel use. It's a pity nuclear energy is so reviled ever since Fukushima.


A word of stoician wisdom :
Do not become attached to things that are not in your power.

we usually over-estimate what is in our power on a societal / political level. while we under-estimate what is in our power "hic et nunc".

Learn, progress, teach, take care of your friends and family.
This alone could lead you further than any activism.


No way...


What if the solution is already known?

Don't hurt people. Mind your own business.


We know the solution, but human nature + fear + superstition means the solution is impractical.


My "Grown-Up Christmas List":

1) Loving one another and treating each other with respect.

2) Clean, Fusion Energy using Hydrogen.

3) Affordable and efficient desalinization.

4) Non-fossil fuel driven vehicles.

5) Cure for diabetes/Cancer/Spinal Cord injury.



Just using Mufasa as an excuse to post this video.


At a macro level yes, but my undying love of internal combustion leads me to desire the fruit of the decomposed ancient forests. Of course, I would be satisfied running methane, alcohol, or nitro-methane.
Of course technology already exists and has in fact existed for well over two decades to make gasoline, comparable to the same we are currently using from a particular kind of grass, but I forgot which one.


What's that a solution too?

Everybody is seemingly throwing random solutions around, but to what?

First, get comfortable with the fact that there will always be problems and many which we cannot control. So what are we trying to fix?


Yes. Need to take one problem at a time.

The OP is a bit too open.


And yet you and the majority of human beings don't need to be told to do this.


It is a commandment for government and people to obey that solve the problem of aggressive violence and coercion.

It brigs about peace, freedom, trade, and subsequently, prosperity for those willing to cooperate in society.


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