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Non-AAS Joint Pain: AAS to Reduce?


Hi to all
i know this is a strange question.
but i think here i can find someone who can help me.

i suffer of a not so light form of joint pain.

(i have never used AAS nor PH)

i just wondering if some AAS can help me reducing the pain (maybe andriol?)



Google this:

"Anthony Roberts" + "Deca, Winstrol and your Joints"

And you'll get an article I wrote on that exact subject...then just post any questions you have on it in this thread, or PM me, and I'll be glad to help...

I think that if you read the article, however, you'll be able to predict which steroids will help vs/ hurt your joints.

Failing that, don't hesitate to post a question of PM me about it...


thx greate article!

just one question...
if i take Deca (how much? as common mass cycle?) i will reduce the pain.
but when i'll stop it, the pain will be back?

and in the same way if i use anti extrogen (like nolva) i'll reduce estrogen and than reduce anti-inflammatory effects and get more pain?



As for your first question, there's no way to know if the pain will come back...some of it surely will...but you'll be ok with nolva, to answer question 2...