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Nominees for Powerful Image



lmao, #21 and #23 are hot


Got a friend that dates a girl that looks nearly identical to #3


Trannies? 21, 22, 23? Or somewhere in there?


Boy, was that a let down.


Eww that's some ugly bitches. Only number 1 looks half way decent. And people were paying for them?


Any one else catch the apparent fact that on one in the Tampa police department can seemingly spell 'Prostitution'?


Yeah, I wouldn't stuff nickels in their panties, let alone dollar bills.


Judging by the "quality" of these skank ass bitches, I'm not surprised.


yup, lol. was wondering if anyone would pick up on it. Seems to be 2 different spellings of it IIRC



1) Can the cops in Tampa spell "PROSTITUTION"?

2) That is one skanky lookin' bunch, guys! I started itching just looking at the pics!

Must be a hard life!



Must have went to school with you, since you spelled "no one" as "on one". :slight_smile:


Hey, it's a dark room, and those crazy black lights and smoke, and I was a little drunk, and my fun parts were stealing a little blood from my brain...

I'm not a proud man.


"FEBRUARY 3--Florida investigators yesterday returned to the scene of the grind, arresting more than two dozen strippers in an undercover investigation. According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, the dancers were allegedly involved in a variety of criminal activities, including (...) exposure of sexual organs, (...)"

I'm no lawyer and don't know the US Legal code, but I kind of expect the exposure of sexual organs when going to a strip bar.


it was at a regular bar I believe, but they're strippers, so it just listed their "profession"