Nolvadren XT for 50 Y/O Non-Bodybuilder

50yo non-bodybuilder here…6’2" 200# , approx 14%bf …I’m in pretty good overall health,no issues except a couple aches/pains… my training is various resistance training about 3x/wk and a couple hiit workouts per week…so I went into a local supplement store the other day…it is run by bodybuilders( they don’t cater exclusively to bb’s but specialize in bb stuff and they’re located directly adjacent to a serious bb/crossfit gym)… asked the guy if he sells any products that mid-aged guys give him good feedback on…he recommended the Nolvadren XT. Told me it’s usually used by bb’s coming off a 'roid cycle (i dont juice or do trt/hgh etc) but said non-juicing-middle aged guys are getting good results from it. Of course when i asked him about possible side-effects he didn’t know of any.
So can you T-Nation guys please provide for me any feedback/personal results you’ve had with Nolvadren XT ? My main concern would be fkg around with my liver (or any other vital organ) health…my goal would be to add maybe 5 lb muscle w/o adding fat. Thanx in advance for any advice !!

Never heard of it. Don’t know if you would have better luck moving this to the supplements section or not?
May want to check out what Biotest has to offer instead.

Lots of bro science in that cap, only thing recognizable in that pill is DIM an weak AI, but hea they are black so they must be good, right.
Get a good mens health/ pre TRT blood test from discountedlabs and find out where you really are. Post it up and see where that goes. That would be a much better way to spend your money.