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Does anyone know if the generic version of nolva (Tamoxifen Citrate) works just as good? Its a lot cheaper thats why i ask. thanks


Nolvadex = tamoxifen citrate they are the same thing. Nolvadex is just a brand name. The compound name is tamoxifen citrate. It is like asking if ascorbic acid is more/less effective than vitamin c. Vitamin C = ascorbic acid. (for you chemistry dorks, vitamin c is really L-ascorbic acid. chirality, enatiomers, levorotatroy, dextrorotatory, blah, blah, blah)


i am currently using the brand taxus
20mg each. seem to be helping with the slight gyno symptoms that came on. i am gyno proned and have alwaysused this brand it costs me 8 for 30 pills in mexico


Actually, there is a brand of nolvadex called Tamoxifen Citrate. It is a third of the price. So dont be so quick to bash do your research first. PM me and i will give you the website. thanks


Funny. I wasn't bashing you. However, I was pointing out your blatant ignorance and educating you. That is why you are here, right? To learn something. It is ok to admit that you don't know things, because then you can learn something.

Understand this: tamoxifen citrate is a chemical compound. This chemical compound is what you want. Nolvadex is the popularized name because that is the brand name that AstraZeneca named it. Go to any research site and they will have the chemical compound name- not a brand name.

But there are other brand names of tamoxifen citrate, AstraZeneca is not the only pharma company making it.
Other examples: people say they are using a-dex or arimidex-that is the brand name, the compound is anastrozole.
Same thing when people say they are using femara, the compound is letrozole.
I hope this clears things up for you, you seem a bit confused.


Ok, i understand what you are saying, and i know that you are correct but there is a company that just calls it Tamoxifen Citrate there is no name like armidex or nolvadex, so i was wondering if it's a legit product. its like kleenex everyone calls facial tissues kleenex. i know and understand that other companies make it.

just usually i have notied they have other names they dont just call it Tamoxifen Citrate. it is just a generic version. therefore they call it this. so again i was just making sure it was ok. sorry for the confusion.