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I’ll be doing my first cycle in a short time now and wonder if you guys think i should use nolvadex. i’ll be doing either 500 or 750mg/week of Sustanon (from Organon) for 8 weeks. i was thinking of doing 50mg of Clomid EOD for those 8 weeks and 4 weeks post-cycle. is it necessary to include some Nolvadex to counter the anti-gonadotropic effects?? i was thinking 20mg a day starting on the first day of week 4. by the way, i am 24 years old, 180 lbs. with 7% bodyfat. i am thankful for any help.

end of cycle 1st day 100mg-300mg your choice–then 50mg day till natural test kicks in --usually 2 weeks—nolvaldex keep on hand for signs of gyno iching swollen nipples take asap if any of these accure lg1