Nolvadex Vs. Clomid

Hey Guys,

I have been threatening to do another cycle for 2 years now. However, I want to make sure of one more thing. Is Nolvadex as good as Clomid for Post Cycle Recovery. Post Recovery is very important to me because I am afraid a lowered testosterone level will put me into another depression. The source I have in the past only sells Nolvadex now. So is Nolvadex as good for stimulating gonadotropin releasing hormone as Clomid is. Furthermore what dosage and how long should I use if I am going to do 750mg of test for 8 weeks.


Joseph Stalin

Nolvadex is as good or arguably superior to clomid. Dosing that has worked well for me in PCT is as follows:

Week 1,2: 40mg nolvadex daily
Week 3,4: 20mg nolvadex daily
You can continue taking 20mg daily if you feel you need but after 4 weeks everything should be back to normal.


Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to double check because people have always emphasized clomid post cycle.


I am a nolv fan too as I get too many clomid sides.
40mgs is good the first two weeks. if you find you’re not recovering you can do few days at 60 or 80, back down to 40 and then 20 after the two weeks

They both work the same way but nolva’s advantage is that it increases your HDL ratio (good cholesterol) while clomid does the opposite!

Oh yeah, 40mg/day for 2 weeks and 20mg/day for 2 weeks gets my boy’s fired up after the first week.

I like nolvadex to clomid I just have to many side