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Nolvadex Urgent Help!

my freind just tooks some nolva to fight gyno and misread the label. he ended up taking 50mg. is that over dose? and how bad will it effect with his gains?

LOL. Clomid is generally dosed at 50 mg. Nolvadex is usually at 20 mg. If he’s using it during cycle to battle gyno he should use 20mg a day. That being said, he has nothing to worry about. 50mg of Nolva isn’t going to hurt him.

he is going to have convulsions and die!

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I don’t like ganging up on people and perhaps this should be done through a pm, but I’m going to have to agree with Bush (who’s usually got his head in the right place). Yeah to you and I that’s a no brainer and the guys got nothing to worry about, but if I’m not mistaken you seem to have a pattern lately of giving unhelpful smartass answers like that one. You can clearly do whatever the fuck you like, and that’s up to you. However, for someone looking in on this conversation for help and what they might use as their source of info, posts like that just fuck things up. It’s all a community amongst those of us who chose this lifestyle, try and remember that please.

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pankie, go to the corner and come back in a couple of years.

Note: not sarcasm.

you guys are right. guess ive been having mood swings and at the time thought i was being funny. from now on if i dont have something useful to say, you wont see much of my opinion.

Nothing better than a guilt trip.

he’ll live

LOL. Not only do the guys on T-Nation help thicken muscle, they also help thicken skin.

Damn it tone…the avatar!!!

Bow chica bow wow.

It’s all good bro :wink: it happens to us all. Just nice to have some friends around to keep you in check once and awhile, the man who realizes the value of another’s perspective is a better man.

Well said.