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Nolvadex Spray Dose?


Hey guys. I just got my nolvaedx (Tamoxifen Citrate) in the mail and it comes with a pump spray? It cant possible spray 1ML per spray? I have an oral sulution syringe that measures in ML's. I know 1 ML = 20 MG's so should I just use that.


Yes, I received the same thing. Maybe someone can illuminate as to why any company would go with a pump. Very annoying and complicates what should be a simple matter. That said, I unscrew the top and try not to drip Adex from the pump tube while i draw up the required amount in a syringe and empty it into a teaspoon and swallow. This was from the metallic mythical creature CR site.


huh..the same mythical creature gave me adex with the same pump thing- ive been wondering the best way to measure and dose this- not to hijack but im open to ideas..

oh, and the bottom of the spray top stem is all bent up..im wondering if its supposed to be. i suppose it doesnt matter..


Oh I just ordered some nolva from this mythical beast as well... Looks like I should be expecting this spray pump nonsense.


Ha, mine came the same way...from the same place I believe. I use the sterile packaging from the syringe and put a couple drops in there. Then I use a syringe (ONLY for Adex, which I keep and reuse throughout the cycle) and draw up the desired amount for the day. Rinse syringe and keep it for the next adex day, that is how I do it.

If you see any problems with it, let me know. I'm open to suggestions.


Do I understand you correctly? You squirt some into a plastic syringe wrapper and draw from there with a syringe. Then what do you do with remaining Adex in syringe wrapper? Wouldn't it be easier to just unscrew cap and draw required amount directly into syringe?


I know of 2 places with spray stuff (serms and AI)
I am not real sure about one as I never talked to them personally,but there was one with a top that wasnt like anything else I seen,and they told me they tested the sprayers an insane amount of times and measured it.
thousands of times with random sprayers.

example if they say 4 sprays is .25mg that is because their concentration lets say 1mg/ml and the 4 sprays made just about .25 ml most the times.

its not right on the money but with things like the nolva and adex it has such a small variance that it dosent mater
pretty much the same variance that you get with a dropper anyways/
it would be save to say you can spray it into a shot glass write down the amount of sprays you have measure it do simple math
and you will have an idea where you can just spray directly into your mouth and not worry


Ha, that it would. Guess I didn't want to mess with the bottle in case I did something stupid and broke it or something. Ha.


I figured mine (metallic mythical creature brand) was 5 pumps for .25 mg. So I was in line with MaddyD's information. Ironic, I just did this an hour before I checked the forum.


well the metallic mythical creature brand must always use te spray I will just take the cap off and use the Syringe so im not sitting their spraying the thing into a measuring cup all day. Cause it might take alot of sprays to get 40Mg's.


Sounds like around 8 sprays for 40mg. That's not too many.

I'll probably use MaddyD's method.


I hear you about messing up while the cap is off. I always worry about spilling all the contents out while I'm trying to draw on the syringe and hold the cap in place (so as not to drip sticky fluid everywhere). I may do a test tomorrow and spray into the back of a syringe and measure how many sprays it takes to arrive at my preferred dose. If that works well, it'll save a lot of time and effort.


The way i'd measure it would be the following:

Either 1) know that a regular pump spray attachment for a 1-2 fl.oz. sized bottle doses at 180mcg/actuation.. therefore gives 1.08ml in 6 sprays OR..

2) Pump the liquid onto a large dessert spoon, or some shallow vessel, and draw up in a syringe after each spray or two until the ~1ml mark, counting the actuations as you go.

Personally, i'd go for option 1.. best of luck :wink:




Yes, I think I might go that route (2).