Nolvadex Solved Nipple Sensitivity, Not Lump

Hello- I am on 140mg test weekly, injected ED. I dropped this from 200mg because I began having sensitive nipples and found a lump on the right side. The lump is sensitive to the touch kind of painful. I am pretty muscular, but have way too much body fat. I have had people ask me if I am a power lifter lol. No offence to power lifters, I wish I had that strength.

Anyway, I went to my Dr. at Kaiser. First, he is adamantly opposed to taking test unless your basically dead from low T. He cites studies claiming it raises chances of prostate cancer (I read this is not the case, but am not going to have an argument with my Dr since I am going elsewhere for the test). Anyway, I did tell him what I am doing. He thinks the lump may be an infection and gave me some antibiotic. I have not started them because they jack my system, but have them on hand.
Anyway- my question is this- I have been taking Nolvadex (as well as increasing my injection frequency and lowering dose) and my nipple sensitivity has resolved, but the lump is still there. Should I continue the Nolvadex until the lump goes away or stop the Nolvadex and try the antibiotics? Do these lumps go away and do they normally hurt?

FWIW I also take 140mg/weekly. I had a lump about half the size of a marble before starting TRT that went away. After starting TRT it flared up again but subsided/shrunk on its own. It sometimes flares up when I make a protocol change. Point being is its likely mild gyno. How long have you been taking TRT?

This is week 13. Is/was your lump sensitive/painful to the touch?

How long have you taken Nolvadex? Studies show best results for reversing gyno after 3 months of daily use 20mg/day. Most showed little to no difference the first month or two with 3-6 months the most effective.

You should likely look into a new doc as well.

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Ok. I started the Nolvadex 2 weeks ago. As far as Doctors go, he is fine at GP stuff, just does not do T therapy and Kaiser doesn’t even allow it unless you t levels are just above corpse, so I have been on my own. I am going to get some labs done in a week or so from an independent source. Just trying to find one that fits the budget.

Discount labs

Yes it is sensitive to the touch and painful. I would keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t keep growing but give it time other than that. You could try as @dextermorgan said.

Lol. I was just looking discount labs up this morning. Thank you.

Ok. Sounds pretty similar to mine. I just don’t want to ignore it and get full blown gyno, but I think Im ok. I am going to hang on to the antibiotics as I don’t see any advantage taking them if it is just a fat deposit. I appreciate the feedback, and will post labs for input when I get them.

What is your Estradiol level? SHBG level? These are extremely important to know to prevent gyno on TRT.
Why is your Test dosage so high? Did you try 50mg twice per week (100mg weekly total)?
Most men do best here, so I was just wondering if you tried this and what your test level was on this dosage.

I am going to have these tested in a week or so. I don’t have coverage for TRT so I have to do this on my own and how I can afford it. I am planning on lab work via discount labs or something like that after the first (of Feb). I actually dropped the dose from 200mg a week to 140. The person who assisted me is not a TRT person, but rather straight pharma and originally gave me Tren and Whinny as well. So, after two weeks (I realize in hindsight this was a bit idiotic) I stopped the Tren and kept the Test that high. Then the lump and nipple sensitivity, so I dropped the test to 140mg. I may drop it again depending on labs. I was a bit enthusiastic to drop some body fat and should have researched things better. Now I know. Never added the Whinny in.

If your estradiol is too high, the testosterone dose needs to be reduced.
Most guys do best on 50mg every 3.5 days.
If SHBG is very low, you will need to do even lower, more frequent injections as you will aromatize faster and more e2 will be free which will cause gyno and other estrogen side effects.

Most guys are doing 150-200mg/week and doing great. There aren’t many on 100mg and of those you don’t see them living their best life.


You introduced Tren and Winstrol and they gyno occurred?

There are some strange reports regarding gynocomastia… I believe a few case reports even exist regarding oxandrolone and fluoxymesterone induced gynocomastia… What could the possible mechanism be?

No, I stopped the Tren after about two to three weeks because I noticed some sexual sides and starting and I started looking into Tren (again I realize this was a bit late, but I got all excited about bumping things up). Then I started getting some pain in the nuts so I introduced HCG. After a couple weeks of the HCG I noticed the lump. I did not take the Winstrol. I dropped the HCG and lowered the test to 140mg.

That’s your wheelhouse, way over my head, haha! But… was there exogenous testosterone being taken in those instances? Or monotherapy?

No… just therapy induced with non aromatising androgens

I believe it was prolonged, high dose fluoxymesterone to treat asplastic anemia (poor kid :frowning: )

And oxandrolone being utilised to treat idiopathic short stature, could be wrong about these though, I’m trying to remember the exact specifics

Yo random question, what are your thoughts on Raloxifene? Tried it?

Ive found that Adex or Letro just prevents gyno from getting worse, but doesnt do anyting to decrease it on me.

I’ve been thinking about Nolva for gyno reversal but I keep seeing people talk about Raloxifene being more effective?

For what it’s worth when I take HCG eventually I start to get gyno (actual lumps) returning. It’s been shown to directly stimulate growth. When I stop taking it, lumps go away