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Nolvadex Solution

So I’m finishing up a cycle of Phera-Max (PheraPlex clone) and am going to be using Nolvadex for PCT. This is the first time I’ve ever used Nolvadex and anything as strong as Phera-Max. I’ve got Nolva in powder form and have to mix it with alcohol to make it into an oral liquid. The directions call for Everclear, which is not available where I live. So I’m going to use Bacardi 151, the instructions say to mix and heat 1 gram of Nolva to 50ml alcohol = 50ml at 20mg/ml.

Why do you have to use alcohol, and at such a high %? Is it just to get it to break down and make a cleaner solution? Anyone else ever tried this? Is there something easier to use to mix it with?

Also I’m thinking I’m going to run 40mg/day for 2 weeks then 20mg/day for 2 weeks for pct. Sound fine, any lower or higher dosage recommendations?

My next question is on the 40mg days, I’m guessing I should split it up at 20mg in the morning and 20mg at night, and not 40mg at once?

Phera-Max is OTC, but is a pretty damn strong supplement/steroid I’ve gained 15 lbs in a month which are pretty dry gains and lifts are way up, so I figured I’d better be safe than sorry with running Nolva for PCT. I’ve ran Phera-Max at 2 pills = 30mg a day, which I could have went up to three (45mg) by the label’s “do not exceed 3 pills in 24 hr” recommendation. And I’ve ran the cycle for 5 weeks, which the label recommends to run cycles no longer than 6.

Any feedback on my Nolva ?'s is appreciated.


All the research Chem Nolva I have seen is in a liquid, either flavored or unflavored. I haven’t seen it in a powder before. It is pretty cheap in the liquid form most places and you could run your whole PCT for about $30-$45 for the Nolva. I would probably just pick up some of that.

This was only $50 for 5 grams, 1 gram makes a 50ml bottle which these companies sell online.

You just have to have a scale to measure each gram out. I picked one up off Ebay for $20 that is accurate to .01 gram.

Looking into some other boards one guy that took the same stuff but ran heavier doses, had a PCT cycle of Nolvadex that was:

100mg/week 1
75mg/week 2
50mg/week 3
25mg/week 4

He also ran 25mg throughout the cycle.

Should I be running a higher dose of Nolva for PCT? I’m thinking of changing up the 20mg/ml to 15mg/ml and running maybe something like 60mg/45mg/30mg/15mg, or 45mg/week 1, 30mg/week 2-3, then 15mg/week 4.

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Cool Bushy, as always good advice bro!

I’m certain this is a reliable source, if its not I know where I can find him!!! But he sells this stuff on the net with a ton of positive feedback, so I should be good to go. He also said to use a water bath.

How large of proof vodka did you use for your solution? How many weeks did you run 40mg before you tapered down?


Having done this many times let me offer you some advice:

Highest concentration made - 20mg/ml
Per 1 gram of Tamoxifen Citrate you will need:
29.4 ml’s of 190 Proof Alcohol
19.6 ml’s of Glycerol

Solutions requiring PEG and 190 Proof Alcohol

Step 1. Prepare a hot water bath. Boil water in microwave or on a pot. Once boiling starts remove from heat.

Step 2. Place PEG and powder in beaker.

Step 3. Place the beaker deep enough in to the water so that the hot water is level with the PEG and powder. Gently swirl or stir with a stir rod until solution is clear. Reheat water as needed.

Step 4. Allow PEG to cool some. Then add in your 190 proof alcohol. You don’t have to do this drop by drop but don’t just dump it in. Pour it in slowly.

Step 5. Stir or gently shake until mixed.

Keep in mind that that gives you a concentration of 20mg/ml of tamoxifen citrate which is approximately 12.5mg/ml nolvadex once you account for the weight of the citrate ester.

Also, the problem with using a lower concentration of alcohol is actually the water that’s in it. I expect it’ll still work but you might only be able to get 15mg/ml of TC into solution.

This recipie works much better than just using the alcohol and since glycerol is so easy to come by and cheap it’s a breeze.

Shoot me a PM if you need more info.

I also forgot to mention that if you need to figure out if it’s really nolva use a melting point test. It’s not foolproof but if the melting point test looks good you’re probably okay.

Tamoxifen Citrate - 2-[4-1,2-Diphenyl-1-Butenyl)

melting point= 143-146C

molecular weight= 563.65

To test melting point (MP) there are a variety of ways. I’ll outline my personal favourite but others may have different suggestions.

Compound to be tested
Aluminium foil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Thermometer accurate to ~200 C in ~1 degree incriments, preferably not one that requires total immersion for accuracy

Fill the small pot with the olive oil
Make little boats out of the aluminum foil ~1cm x 1cm
Put a small amount of the substance to be tested in the boat
Hold or suspend the bottom end of the thermometer in the liquid, do not let it touch the pot
Start the oil heating by turning on the stove
Watch the product until it starts to melt and note the temperature on the thermometer.

The slower you bring up the heat the more accurate the results will be.
Letting the thermometer touch the pot will give you a falsely high reading and thus a meaningless test.
I like using extra virgin olive oil because of the high smoke point. . . you don’t want your oil smoking while you try to watch a little aluminium boat with powder in it.