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Nolvadex Solo Blood Work!

I had another thread about how I was feeling so great on Nolvadex, I figured it needed a new thread.

To be clear I was not coming off of a cycle before taking the nolva.

There are tons and tons of claims about what Nolvadex does but search the internet for evidence or blood work to back it up and it’s tumbleweeds.

This bloodwork is at the conclusion of 3 weeks, I took 40mgs a day for the first week and then 20mg a day for the following 2 weeks.

My total testosterone before the nolva was around 550 or so , E2 was around 19, fsh and lh were bottom of the normal range, free test was much lower.

Noticed I was feeling super positive, high libido, morning wood every day, lots of energy etc…

Well it wasn’t placebo, check this bloodwork from Nolvadex alone.

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