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Nolvadex Questions


Can nolva cause low E2 symptoms like muscle and joint pains similar to arimidex. I got very similar symptoms from using clomid in the past as a TRT only schedule, i did ok on 12.5mg 3 times a week side effects wise but bumped it up too 25mg 3 times a week and got the muscle and joint symptoms as well as the girly type mood many speak off.

So wonder if nolva is the same or is there other dosing schedules like 10mg nolva every second day etc.

The next question is partly why im looking into nolva. So if on trt, using nolva, could it be an option instead of hcg to keep the boys working. HCG unavailable. I just recall something similar mentioned in another thread, so seeing if i can clarify it.

Im currently using arimidex at 1/4mg twice a week, cant tolerate anymore as muscle pains kick in. overdue for new labs soon. I have read conflicting info on arimidex and nolva being ok together and another source saying its not. Clarification please.

Appreciate some help/clarification,


That is not an issue that is widely recognized. If SERM's are the cause, it could in theory, be from the Serm=Selective. Perhaps ijn some guys, SERM's affect connective tissue.

SERM's increase estrogens in type 2 hypogonadism. So connective tissues would normally be expected to see more estrogens.

See what your labs say. When using a SERM [with or without TRT], you can test LH/FSH to see whats going on.