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Nolvadex Question

I’ve been reading and seem to get conflicting answer so I’m looking for some clarification. I’ve posted about low test possible shut down and I got blood and gotta see an endo soon…anyways, I’m concerned about sperm count, gunna get a test soon. Does nolva help replenish this or does it hinder it? I’ve read articles on both…both conflicting…

Don’t do anything before you talk to an endocrinologist. I was scared about my test levels and fertility. Then Surprise! out of no where I’ve got a baby mama. That was more incentive to do my first cycle since a big concern before was AS’s effect on fertility. Nolvadex has a small effect on LH and FSH which is one reason that people use it in PCT. I don’t think it’s regularly prescribed for hypogonadism related to LH/FSH deficiency though. Keep researching but don’t jump until you hear from an endo.

How old are you and why do you think you have low t or sperm?

I’m 27 and whats actually happened is I cycled from may-july if I remember right…anyways I did test 250 2 pins a week for 10 weeks nolva pct 2 weeks after last pin 40/40/20/20 and .5 adex while on cycle. I was doing good until novemberish and all of a sudden libido dropped ejaculate amount decreased and started to get this weird painish feeling in my chest tissue. Went to my MD and got some bloods, test level was greater than 1500 still and estrogen (they did not get an E2 level) was good and this is a good 3-4 months after cycle so I was pretty worried. SO he sent me to the endo hoping to get some answers my appt was for the 2nd but got pushed back to the 21st. I started taking some nolva a few weeks ago which helped me able to get it up on my own (dr prescribed cialis and I haven’t needed it since taking the nolva). My girl is freaking out thinking I am infertile from HPTA suppression and possible shutdown and all that so…pretty much it…

wait for the endo… he does this for a living lol Ive heard of ppl running adex at a low dose though and that seems to get things back up and going. I cant really comment tho seeing how this isnt the case for mwahh