Nolvadex PCT Acne?!

Hi guys!

Just after some advice/experiences when it comes to Nolva postcycle!

I’m on PCT after my first Test E Cycle, I ran into little/no issues on Cycle and my skin was fine, now roughly 2 weeks into PCT my skin has broken out pretty bad on my back.

I’ve been dosing at 40/40/20/20

I’m still awaiting bloods results so I can’t provide them here yet!

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this? is it common?

Thanks in advance

Very common. Has nothing to do with the Nolva per se. Your body is going haywire, hormone wise, and acne is a relatively predictable effect from that. Just stay hydrated, keep your skin clean, maybe hit a tanning bed a few times. Otherwise just ride it out.

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My skin is 100% clear all cycle, then goes ape shit during and after PCT. takes a couple months to sort out for me.

Legend thanks! I assumed that’s more than likely what was going on haha :slight_smile:

Appreciate it mate.