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Nolvadex on a Plane

Hi guys,

Im currently dealing with a lump under my left nipple its being aggravated by a low dose of Test Prop 100mg EOD. I have to go to LA from Canada this weekend for three days and my nolva is underground dont really want to risk bringing it with me since it is not prescription. My gyno is already flared up and it worries me a bit, I am just trying to think of what to do. Does nolva have a half life that could last over the weekend? Or is it possible to get a prescription from the doctor for this stuff? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Pills or liquid?

Sorry I forgot to mention ive been on letrozole for 2 weeks now and its not really working on the gyno just making me super ripped as well as drying my joints out ive heard you have to wait about 3 weeks sometimes for the letro to work for gyno issues. So ive tapered down the letro to about .25mgs for the past couple days and it is liquid, the nolvadex is pills. Im just running nolva until the letro starts to do its job because as for now it is still tender and sore. So im wondering what I should do for this 3 day trip? Ive thought about putting the liquid in a scope mouthwash bottle since it is blue but then I dont have the dropper which tells me the doses and I would be guessing it.