Nolvadex Liquid or Pills?

Help a brotha out

Just started my cycle…Test c… 500 mg per week/ 12 weeks…
Anywho, I am fairly new to all of this but have been doing A LOT of research.
Basically, I know that I must wait 2 weeks after my cycle to begin PCT because
of the esther. And it looks like Nolvadex is what I would rather due vs Clomid…

My question is simple…Where can I find it? I know that places provide it because it is considereed
some type of research deal…but its liquid?
So i’m assuming I inject it…but I can only
find PCT for nolva for pill form…like 40/40/20/20 (40 each day for a week,40 next week, ect.)

Also, is there anything else that is a must? I heard that HCG will keep my balls big
and up my test levels 58%…? Just hoping to get some REAL info from some vets.
I made sure I did some extensive research before I posted, but I still have some questions…
thanks so much!

Nolva from research companies is a liquid taken orally.

A must is anastrozole, AKA a’dex. That is a must on cycle to prevent too much aromatization.

So the 40/40/20/20 mg stays the same if its liquid? And where can i find the dex and whats a cycle of that look like?

I would question your claim of research if you’re asking questions about a’dex. It’s a staple for cycles involving AAS that aromatize. It’s taken to keep the extra test you’re taking in from converting into estrogen. Without it you’re a prime candidate for bloat, gyno and several other (bad) issues. Do some more research…I hope you haven’t started your cycle already without it. Look for dosing around .25mg every day (ED) or every other day (EOD).

The same research companies that sell the nolva also sell a’dex. Look for the chemical name…nolva is tamoxifen citrate and arimidex is anastrozole.

The dosing protocol for PCT is the same whether the pill or liquid form of nolva.

I have found some things about arimidex… but I guess I didn’t realize anastrozole=arimidex…Thanks so much for your help!

I guess you missed the “don’t start your cycle until you have EVERYTHING” part, too.