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Nolvadex in Capsule Form?


Has anybody ever seen or used nolva that came in capsule form, blue and red with no markings on it? I was under the impression after a few image searches that it would be a small white tablet.


It can come in many forms. An underground lab has put some filler in with some powder and capped it up to the appropriate dosage. That is what it sounds like you have received.

If you trust your source that they did in fact place the approp mg per capsule and that it is in fact nolvadex is the only question that would be in my head.


Capsules are easier to make than tablets. I have never had nolva in capsule form, doesn't mean its not legit, but I would be weary.

In my experience, if UG labs are going to produce one oral, they produce many. Most invest in a tablet press, so this arises my suspicion.

If this is a tried and tested source, you are probably ok.



IIRC your experience leaves some to be desired..

As for UG labs 'investing' in pill presses - you should be aware, many UG labs are a bedroom, kitchen or small office kitted out with the basics.

Pill presses cost a hell of a lot more than 10 x 14.95 for ten capping machines..



the capsules are as good as a tablet if made correctly and often better value than tablets

I wouldnt worry about using capsules at all if they came from a reliable source


Brook, I'm aware of the cost of pill presses, I have had experience with UG labs, and the one's I have been around have pill presses for their oral products. Granted the ones I have been around produced oral steroids, not auxillaries, I would expect the same for a quality UG lab producing nolvadex.

This is my opinion, from my experiences, that I am offering.


I am thinking that these were more along the lines of what Brooks said, somebody made a kitchen batch with capsules. Only thing left for me to find out is the exact dosage per cap. I'd bet it's 20mg per cap but I am going to call the guy and find out.


found out they are 20mg home made, thanks for all your input gentlemen!