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Nolvadex For Testicular Size?

I have a simple question.
Since Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) raises LH and FSH levels and therefore testosterone levels, does it also increase testicular size?
In other words, can Nolvadex reverse testicular atrophy after a cycle if you have not taken HCG during that cycle?
Tell me yours in your experience, thank you.

@zeek1414 answered this question in a thread I posted, seems the simple answer is yes, but I would imagine it would depend on what you run in your cycle, how long you run it for, and how long you plan to PCT, but I don’t know that much so don’t take my word for it.

There’s some good information from @now_i_care on HCG in the same thread if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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More than 1 year ago I ran a cycle with DHT and gave me testicular atrophy.
During all this time I didn’t take anything anymore but my testicles didn’t recover their previous size.
Moreover, since 1 year I have always constant dull testicular pain.
HCG mimics LH action and can increase testicular size and reverse atrophy but it doesn’t seem to be a good choice because once you stop HCG, since it suppresses your own LH and FSH, your testicles shrink again and your T drops worse than before HCG…

I wonder if low doses of Nolvadex like 5mg ED, raising LH and FSH levels can permanently reverse testicular atrophy.

Do you have an orchidometer? Have you had testicular size precisely measured?

Going by looks can be deceiving.

I have done a testicular ultrasound and it’s 14 and 12ml.
More than a year ago they measured 9 and 10ml.
Before starting DHT cycle they were about 17 ml.

Tomorrow I’ll run a blood test.
I have found these two studies on Nolvadex.
It seems to have negative effects on the testicles and instead of increasing their size it seems to decrease them.
What do you think?