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Nolvadex for Peace of Mind

Hey all

31 yo
13% bf

Weeks 1-10 400mg T400
Weeks 1-4 30mg Dbol ED

Have full post cycle and AI on hand

Starting week 4 tomorrow

Here’s my question.

I’ve never had gyno and I don’t think I’m prone to it. I have however crashed my E2 levels before over doing it with AI.

This last day or two my nipples seem to be itchy and a little sensitive. This could all very well be in my head. I’m currently unable to go and get a blood test (Doctor doesn’t see the need for one). So without a blood test I’m skeptical about taking the arimidex I have on hand because I don’t want to crash my levels again because to be honest the last and only time that’s happened to me it was awful. I’ve read that nolva can help prevent gyno even at low doses and because I’m not experiencing any other effects from high estrogen levels I don’t see the need to take anything else.

I guess my question is, in your honest opinions, should I wait it out and see if my nipples get worse? Should I do some preventive maintenance now? Should I start a low dose of nolvadex or arimidex just in case either way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

3 weeks in your body is reacting to the extra hormones, that can cause nipple issues without it being gyno. I wouldn’t take Nolva preventively since it does have some side effects.

AI I would wait to get labs before starting that.

Week 6-8 reassess

Ok, thank you for the advice. Is there anything specific I should do or watch for in the meantime? This will be the first cycle I’ve run without any AI.

As far as estrogen, I know Dbol can really raise it, so might want to keep a list of high e2 symptoms (that don’t include gyno) so you can see it coming. When you do start the AI, start lower than you think you need. Crashed e2 sucks balls. So do like .25mg EOD for 2 weeks, then decide if you need to go up

I’ll start keeping a list of any changes I experience. I’ll work on getting my blood work done in a couple weeks. If I can’t get blood work done I’ll start very low with the AI and work up if needed like you suggested.

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Also, I just wanted to say thanks for all the replies. I know that perhaps my threads are redundant and that I could google a generic answer to my questions.

I prefer the more personal responses to my specific situation.

Nah I get it, hearing it from a real person is better than a google search. But in reality we all respond different and your experience may differ