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Nolvadex for My Only Anti-E?

I was planning a 10 week 350mg/week Sustanon cycle, running Arimadex .05 EOD and Nolva beginning 2 weeks after cycle 30mgs, 3 weeks 20 mgs, and 4 weeks 10mgs.

Well, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get the Arimadex, but the Nolvadex is good.

Maybe do Nolva 10mg Every day for the duration of 10 weeks and keep the same PCT as above.

Any thoughts?

By the way, this is my first cycle and I’m not sure if I’ll even need the Nolva but I’m nervous about the gyno.

Thanks in advance.

Your options depend on what country you are in. ???

Indeed. If you’re stateside there are numerous possibilities for you if you go the research chemical route. If you’re aboard then A-dex should not be that difficult to track down.

I am in the US. Due to travel with work I need to get this cycle started soon. I don’t want to be traveling and have to worry about injecting, eating, lifting, etc.

I say all this only to mean that I don’t have time really to track down the Adex. Would my previous plan of Nolva 10mg/day throught and then my PCT plan be adequate?

Worth it just to wait even though I’m only doing 350mg/week of Sust?