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Nolvadex for Gyno

Wondering if anyone has some insight into this…

My E levels are pretty normal (35) but I have been showing signs of gyno in my chest area and my doc wants me to take 10mg of Nolvadex a day to reduce symptoms. Has anyone tried that? Are there bad side effects? I’m all for it if it works, but would like to hear others experiences. Thanks!

reading is a wonderful thing. you can learn so much from the things in this world that have already been written. oftentimes, the same questions have been asked, and answered over and over and over again.

seriously. type into google, or this site’s search bar : ‘nolvadex gyno’. you’re being really fucking lazy by posting this thread.

No that’s actually the best and most effective route to go (letro being the most effective, but most damaging) I am on 350 mg of test prop a week and I am gyno prone. I take .75mg arimidex EOD and I’m still getting symptoms such as itching, tingling, puffiness, and one time pain. No glandular formage yet though. My nolvadex is coming in tomorrow. You can run it ED if your doctor wants you to, but the half life is so long it really only needs to be ran every 3rd day. It will greatly help with gyno.

Thanks for this. Really appreciate it. I have read that it knocks out your libido, but my E levels aren’t very high to begin with. My doc says I just happen to be holding water or fatty tissue in that area from the TRT. Seems worth a shot, but I am interested in what you are saying about taking every 3 days. What is the benefit of that? Less sides?

Yes less sides. You may have lipomastia as opposed to gynecomastia

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Does nolva work for both?

I think i have gyno. My nipples have been itching from time to time, and sometimes the right one hurts and is sore. Tonight I found that there is this little “ball” mainly in my right. I can’t tell if my left one has it. The right one it’s like a pea sized. It doesn’t hurt at all no matter how hard I push it. I can’t feel it if I pinch it. My nipples are fatty and puffy.

My protocol is going to be 40 MG of Nolva everyday for one week, along with 1 mg of arimidex every other day…after the one week I will drop the nolva to 20 MG EVERY other day if symptoms reduce. If they dont…im gonna run letro and kill it