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Nolvadex for Gyno Reversal, Dosage/Duration?

I want to try to get rid of my gyno while it’s still in the early stages (puffy nipples). I am already on Aromasin so hopefuly it won’t get any worse.

What dosage Nolvadex and for how long should I take it?

Puffy nipples are not gyno. Gyno is hard lumps under the nipple, it’s a growth. Puffy nipples are a temporary reaction. You shouldn’t take anything without knowing your E2 number, you can really do some damage with E2 suppression.

Puffy nipples are usually gyno, and yes I have lumps. I also know my number, close to 60.

If you know it’s gyno (you have lumps), then you use nolvadex. Aromasin isn’t the best for that, especially if you have Nolva, probably 10 mg a day, but maybe 20. It will depend on you and your dose.

I am using Aromasin just to lower my E because it is obviously too high. Thanks tho. Does Nolva interfere with Aromasin?

No, they work differently. Nolva specifically targets breast tissue (gyno). And my E2 is in the mid 60’s with no issues, so I wouldn’t say it’s high just because of the number. Aromasin can cause more problems than that E2 number.

Google “tamoxifen reduce gynomastia study”

(78% effective rate for tamoxifen reducing gynomastia at 20mg daily for 3+ months)

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I have other high E symptoms as well. Problems with Aromasin is lowering your E too much, right? I will avoid that by getting blood tests and making sure it’s within normal range.

78% is a lot but there is not much anecdotal reports online and I wonder why

There’s quite a few studies showing exactly who they tested, age, amount taken, how long, and what reduction they had after X time. The conclusion is take tamoxifen 20mg/day for 3 months and assess outcome.

I wouldn’t take aromasin period but especially while taking the tamoxifen.

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How else would I control high Estrogen without an AI. Also why wouldn’t you use it with tamoxifen?

It would be harder to tell what side effects are attributed to tamoxifen (if any). I don’t think it’d be crazy to run both but if you are controlling estrogen for the sole reason of not having a B-cup then tamoxifen alone should be enough. On trt my E2 is 77 so unless you are sure you have E2 symptoms then there really isn’t a need for an AI. I felt better without one personally and I was gung-ho about not letting estrogen get over 30 and I attributed every little thing to estrogen when I wasn’t feeling 100%. Turns out it was just life and I didn’t need an AI but it was a long road before I was able to talk myself into it. I got a lot of symptom relief when stopped using an AI. For instance I thought my libido was good but it then went to that of a 16 yr old (borderline nymphomaniac). Everyone is different so your results may vary but I’ve found I favor higher estrogen.

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