Nolvadex dosing

About to start my first cycle, i have my nolva/clomid. My first cycle will be 50mg e/d Tren(8wks)/10mg e/d M-1-T(4wks)/500mg (x2 wk)Sust(1-6wks)/50mg e/dTest.Prop(6-8wks).

If I get gyno how much Nolvadex (20mg/tab) do I need to deal with it?
Do i keep taking it until the problem dissapears or for some time after?

Can’t wait to start. Brewed my own Tren and it looks so lovely sitting there in its little vial all golden brown! Also looking at the 29g 1/2" pins they are so tiny. Why can’t they make em longer?


u can get 27g in 1"

Is this like a dumb question to ask?

I’ve searched on the old forum threads and people have asked this before but nobody seems to have an answer.

Bill Roberts once said that clomid 50mg is roughly equivalent to Nolvadex 20mg. But no mention of what does to take or how to take it?