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Nolvadex Dosage


Maybe a bad first post but about to do my first cycle and am getting the pct ready and I see where I can get a research chemical version for $55 and it's 20mg/ml

60ml container
I have read to go 20/20/10/10 so am I missing something here? If I go 20 mg a day that's $55 a day I am really confused on this so please be helpful I just want to do stuff the correct way


If you have 20mg per ml and you have 60 ml that means you have 20mgx60ml=1200mg . So your whole PCT will only use 420mg if yo do 20mg a day for 2 weeks and 10mg a day for 2 weeks you have: 20mgx14days=280mg......+.........10mgX14days=140mg.......280mg+140mg=420mg.


Simply put, EVERY 1ml of your nolva research chemical contains 20mg. You have 60 1ml 20mg doses in your research chem container.

So under your PCT protocol, you would take 1ml every day for the first 2 weeks, and then 0.5ml every day for the next 2 weeks.

That being said, the PCT plan you posted is different from what is generally recommended in this forum. The generally recommended PCT plan is 40/40/20/20. You have enough nolva to carry out this plan. I have used the same and have recovered fine with it.

Alternatively, the following PCT plan has also been recommended:

Hope this helps.


Thanks this helps a lot I knew I was missing something when I read that. And I will bump that dosage up to what is recommended


People that are this bad at math probably shouldn't be doing anything related to chemistry, much less injecting/ingesting it into their body. Who knows how high/low your actual cycle was?

Yes, terrible.