Nolvadex Dosage for PCT

Coming into my 8th week on cycle of 500mg test-e per week (no orals).
I have my Nolva ready to start my PCT after week 12 so still got 4 weeks to go, just wanted to get a bit of advice on a few things:

  • How long should I leave after last pin before starting Nolva?
  • How much Nolva to take and how often should I take?
  • How long do I take it for and when to come off?

Expecting the usual “you should have planned this already blah blah blah” and I have, but I have had several people tell me different things, so I wanted to get some more knowledge so I have a better understanding.


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PCT should start 2 weeks after last pin

Week 1- 40mgs ED
Week 2- 40mgs ED
Week 3 -20mgs ED
Week 4- 20mgs ED

You should have already planned this out. lol
You could also look at the tapering method for ending your cycle then starting PCT. I would ask @Singhbuilder about this.


Haha there’s always one… :joy:

Thanks mate, that’s basically what I had planned anyway, it was more the dosages that I wanted some more clarity on

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Nolva is hard to get hold of where I live, I could only get my hands on 40x10mg for my PCT, however I have enough clomid to last a lifetime (10 grams of clomid powder).

My cycle is Test-E 500mg per week, Test-P 80mg EOD and 30 days of 30mg Epistane I’m gonna throw in at some point. 15 week cycle I’m hoping.

I’ve been told by some that I can likely get away with 20mg Nolva ED for the first week and then only 10mg ED for the remaining 3 weeks, but bumping the clomid up.

How does this look? Thanks
(All ED, initial dose of 200mg on first day then)
Week 1- Clomid 100mg, Nolva 20mg, Letrozole 0.1mg
Week 2- Clomid 75mg, Nolva 10mg, Letro 0.1mg EOD
Week 3- Clomid 50mg, Nolva 10mg
Week 4- Clomid 50mg, Nolva 10mg

Why so much Test? Almost 750-850mgs a week of Test? Do you have any AI’s on hand besides letro? How many cycles have you ran?

I dont do PCT, only TrT. The PCT advice, is the standard recommendation around here. Nolva isnt going to help you control high E2 sides only block gyno.

Because I am only running Test on its own without any other compounds (except perhaps throwing in some Epistane at a low dose), I figured a normal dose of 500 Test-E, boosted with 240-320mg/week of Test-P would be the equivalent of standard ‘bulking cycle’ of somebody running Test-E 500, Deca 400 and Dbol.

But because of Props fast half-life, if I ran into any bad sides I could simply drop the prop and be back down to a normal Test500 cycle within a couple days, instead of having to figure out which compound is causing what side, and then dropping the dosages only for the sides to continue for a couple weeks or more before blood levels return to a lower dose. Does my logic make sense? If not- I’d be willing to swap the Test-P out for a LOW dose of Tren-E (150mg/week sound ok?)
Yes, I know that low doses of multiple compounds can supposedly have less sides than a high dose of just one compound- but I wanted to see what a higher total dose of test would be like, as well as have it kick in quickly (and exit quickly) without extraneous variables.

This is my second proper cycle with ‘proper’ steroids. Although early in my powerlifting career (4years ago) I ran multiple cycles of prohormones/designers and SARMS, usually with a tiny dose of test-p as a base (test was super super expensive and hard to source before our black market was suddenly flooded with China raw powders last year)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.