Nolvadex Dosage During HPTA Restart?

Following my two week washout of test cyp, the doctors at defy are having me run hcg for two weeks straight, discontinue and then start nolvadex for 28 days at 10 mg a day.

I responded well to low dose clomid (except shbg). Does this sound like enough nolvadex? I’ve seen protocols with 40 mg a day but I’m only running 10

They know better than some bro-science opinions on the forums.
Nolva can have terrible side effects at higher dose so they have deemed the dose is good enough.

To be sure I thought that clomid is better for HPTA restart, not sure why nolva is choosen.

When I took Clomid, it had the effect of increasing SHBG to 90 and decreasing estrogen to <11. So they’re trying nolvadex instead.

But yea, I agree

Yes maybe thats why they choose Nolva then

The dose is low, but they are probably basing it on your response to Clomid. Which was a little weird by the sound of it, most guys get elevated E2 from it.

Yeah agreed. I’m unsure of how nolvadex will effect e2 but interested to See