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Nolvadex & Azoospermia/Ejaculation?

Harro. Quick question here?? Straight answers appreciated.

Hrmm. Tried to edit this once, guess I will edit it again:

I have extensively used the search engine here and absolutely love it (well, since it got Google-ized). In fact, it was the search engine that led me to pose this particular question.

In regards to the “Am I fat” possibility

Answer would be no. I am 6’3 190 10% BF and bulking, been lifting 1 year now.

Two real questions:


I’m 19 and have puberty-onset Gyno (diagnosed by 2 doctors, several years of it, etc). So I’ve been reading up a lot on Nolvadex and wanted to give this a try in using it to see if i can rid the Gyno or at least some of it.

  1. Only thing is, i imagine, I’d have to use it for quite some time seeing as the gyno i have is fairly permanent. From the research I’ve read, Id have to be on nolva for 2+ months to see some results from the Nolva at 20mg/day minimum.

Further research on side effects with CHRONIc USE led me to Azoospermia. As a 19 year old male that sounds like the absolute worst thing in the world for my future, and 2+ months sounds like pretty chronic use.

Does anyone know if Azoospermia is permanent, or would recede when I finished Nolva? Would I even necessarily acquire Azoospermia?

  1. I have seen very mixed opinions here and through Google in reference to libido / sex drive while on Nolvadex. Some have referenced seemingly higher sex drive and others a lower sex drive. Possibly being on Nolva for 1-2 months would surely show signs of ONE of the two, if they were prevalent. Is there a sure-fire answer to this? Will consistent use of Nolva for 28-60 days show signs of significant decrease in sex drive?

Thanks for the replies, been a subject I have been dancing around.

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bushy you seem rather learned in regards to Nolva

do you have any other advice in regards to the other questions i posed?

Thank you for initial response, was heartening

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
No,not particularly knowledgeable about nolva, though I know about as much as some of the good guys here.

…Practicing the art of being humble, how did I do LMAO!?

Seriously though, I can only offer supposition and conjecture on your unfortunate condition, not cold hard evidence, so please take it for what it’s worth…

OK, my personal view is that nolvadex will not reverse your condition to any appreciable degree - why? because the damage has already been done. You are obviously suceptible to gyno, and had you been taking nolvadex from the day that your body began producing significant Test, you might have delayed the onset, but you would probably have to take nolva for the rest of your mature adult life to stop the condition from starting…

In short, you might prevent any worsening of your existing gyno, but not reverse it. Again, this is just my opinion and I hope that I am wrong, but I don’t think so. Anyway, nolva is cheap (as is arimidex these days - if you know where to shop), and can’t do any real damage so by all means give it a go. Who knows perhaps I am talking out of my arse and you will become a small-nippled success story.

Good luck


Plenty of evidence that nolvadex can cure most forms of gyno. Check out pubmed… from what I remember, nolvadex cured 90-95% of people’s gyno, whatever the cause of the gyno may have been.

Although this might be redundant, don’t confuse gyno with having too much bodyfat. :slight_smile:

But before you try anything, I’d run some tests to check your estrogens and test levels. Assuming E is too high, Aromasin/Letrozole/Arimidex might be very helpful, specially when combined with nolva.

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I have had the blood tests done. My current disposition is fine hormonally, i am a 100% healthy, normal 19 year old boy. When I started puberty, i guess, test spiked and left me with mild gyno.

It used to be “worse” however once i got my shit together almost 1.5 years ago it has gotten much better to today. But when i was at my thinnest, 8% and 165 on a 6’3’’ frame my my nipples were still “puffy” i actually got things checked out and had it confirmed. Wasn’t really surprised or dismayed, i trust my own judgment very deeply, and I had already mentally deduced it to be fact.

Guess what i am attempting to get across is the concept that i am in this with no expectations, since I have already adjusted my lifestyle to this, and am not looking for pity. Heck, sometimes it has even forced me to have PERFECT posture with my shirt off, because with shoulders fully retracted and chest up it stretches my chest (makes somewhat difference)