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Nolvadex as TRT

After seeing the clomid thread, and hearing that SERMs are used as TRT in Europe, I’m interested in learning more about the idea. I would appreciate it if you could post any general knowledge or studies about SERMs used as TRT. I also have a few specific questions:

  • What sort of increase in free T could a person who has low-normal tesosterone levels expect? I know it’s common bodybuilding knowledge that nolvadex increases testosterone, but I’d really like to see some blood tests. Does anyone have a collection of blood tests that show free t and e2 before and after SERM use?

  • How effective are tamoxifen (nolvadex) and toremifene (fareston) at increasing free t, compared to clomid?

  • How effective are SERMs compared to injected testosterone. Obviously a SERM won’t cause as much of an increase in free t. Are there any other problems with it, like the SERM becoming less effective over time?

  • What is the mechanism by which a SERM increases testosterone? It increases LH and FSH, right? Is that only because serum estrogen levels are perceived as lower by the body or is there something else going on? There must be something else, because using a SERM increases LH and FSH more than simply lowering estrogen would. I’m not sure if there’s an answer to this question anywhere (even though recently, doctors have begun prescribing clomid for TRT).

  • Could SERM use cause HPTA downregulation? Testosterone does, obviously, and long term hCG only could desensitize the testes (if a higher than physiological dose is used) and hCG could also lower natural production of LH. What would a SERM downregulate? There must be a hormone which signals for the release of LH and FSH, or it could act directly on the receptors which measure the levels of LH and FSH, or sex hormones.

  • Could SERM use cause ferility problems? I’ve read clomid is prescribed to increase fertility in men with low sperm counts, could it do the opposite? If someone uses a SERM for a long time, do they run the risk of lowering natural testosterone production?

I’m not planning on using SERMs long term as TRT, I’d just like to read information about it. However, if anyone is looking for a cheap and safe way to boost testosterone, without completely shutting down the natural production of hormones, this seems like it could be a good option.

i think with nolvadex, its more for a restart/pct thing and then taper off it , plus use of an AI, KSman is up on this stuff. I dont think nolvadex long term is recommended, but this is just from all the crap i have read. I really think its all about trial and error with educated guessing. I think eventually its putting off the inevitable, Testosterone. but i will keep up on this thread, sounds interesting.


SERMs do not work or do not work well if there is a major problem is with the pituitary or the testes.

Study the side effects of SERMs.

Excessive LH levels induced by SERM use may lead to LH receptor down regulation/dysfunction just as with high dose hCG; which would be a disaster.

Note that hCG levels are quite steady because of a longer half life. LH has a short half life and LH is released in pulses. I have read that steady LH levels make the testes unresponsive. That seems to be a paradox, but it is what it is. I can’t recall how such data was obtained, might be animal models.