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Nolvadex and Prostate


i was planning to use Nolva,but i got some second thoughs about it when someone mentioned that it might be dangerous to prostate.
is this true??

im having some pain in nipples but i dont want prostate cancer either.


you must use nolva if you get high levels of estradiol, take a blood test first.and for prostate you may take propecia or avodart (dht blockers)
nolva have nothing to do with prostate.


i`ve been reading a lot about Nolva/Tamoxifen in this site reacently, and one thing gought my eye;

"supposedly it works as an estrogen agonist in the prostate."

also i think it was Brock Strasser who mentioned in his article that on Nolva, shooting loads is almost impossible!!

youre right about taking a blood test,i had this same problem a few years ago, but everything was normal then.
i still got a doctor to give me perscription for it and it helped before,so that
s why i`m thinking about using it again.


Uh, I think I speak for everyone else here that's tried Nolva... you can bust a nut.

If you are experiencing gyno symptoms.. then there should be nothing stopping you from taking a SERM.


thanks guys for your opinions!
i also send a PM for Cy Willson hoping to get a more scientific opinion on this matter.

lets see if hes got some time to answer,he must get tens of questions every day.