Nolvadex and drug testing

Anyone know how long is needed after using 20mg/day of nolvadex you need to pass a (ioc)drug test? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

The half life of nolvadex is 4 days, I don’t know if this helps you figure out how long it would take for test not to show this compound.

they test for female fertility drugs?

Nolvadexs most common clinical use is as a breast cancer drug. The ioc tests for a number of anti estrogens. Anti estrogens are ban substances. Prisoner, I’m aware of the half life but am not sure what metabolites are detectable and for how long. Thanks though.

yeah i know i get huge off of a good nolvadex/clomid cycle.

Actually if you think about it both nolvadex and clomid would be performance enhancing, in themselves since they both cause an increase in LH hormone causing elevated test production. But of cource Tribex is not banned - which does simmular things so go figure!

Hey, This is actually a valid question. I am in the military and we have random urinalysis all the time. I’m aware that roid’ testing isn’t done w/ those piss tests, but if they found some ancilliary drugs in the mix, that would definitely give them reason to push for bloodwork and henceforth an OTH or Dishonerable discharge. Any expirience with this issue?

Actually tests for steroids are done with urinanalysis. I have found out that the excritory half life of Nolvadex is about 7 days and the main excreted metabolite is 14 days. Most of this though is excreted throught he feces. This is manufacturers information. I haven’t been able to find out what “most” is though. 80%, 90%, I don’t know. So calculating exactly how much is difficult. Still working on it though.