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Nolvadex and Clomid?

Whats up? I have been looking at a couple of boards and trying to figure out the best PCT. I read on one board, only one though, of many people using both Nolvadex and clomid. i was wondering if that had any legitimacy or was just overkill, if so which do u all prefer being used? Most of the info i’ve read seems to lean toward nolvadex. Thanks for the help.

Buy the book Chemical Muscle Enhancement. It will answer alot of your questions.

Nolva is generally used during and post cycle and it is to block estrogen. Clomid is used post cycle (about 2 weeks after your last shot if you are using something like test-e) to get your brothers working again.

I never do a cycle anymore without some HCG on hand. Also during a cycle I will use a-dex which will reduce or eliminate the need for Nolva.