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Nolvadex and Arimidex

I was wondering if 1250ml of Nolvadex would be adequate for my cycle. It will be a 4-6 weeker (I haven’t decided, I will do what my body tells me) using some steroids that are not very well-known for side effects, except for Dianabol. Also, is the Nolva to be taken every day from the start of the cycle? I have heard this may inhibit gains. Or should I only take the Nolva when symptoms of an abundance of estrogen appear (itchy nips, etc…). I also have access to Arimidex and was wondering if this could be used as a substitute and would be better? If so, what dosage and how often? Thanks much.

I can’t say whether your Nolvadex is enough or not. All I can advise is to keep it on the sideline incase you need it during your cycle. As I stated in a previous thread, I only use Nolvadex if I see or feel any side effects coming on, and ALWAYS for PCT.

I personally stay away from Arimidex. Bodybuilders always grow a bit better with alittle bit of estrogen in their systems. To rid your body of it all together might hinder you some gains. The shit is also expensive as hell. Good luck.