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Nolvadex Activity Time?

I was wondering in the case of one who has ran say a simple test cycle, and begins to bridge a dosage of 20mg of nolvadex from low levels of exogenous T left into full clearance,

When would the nolvadex begin to act and raise natural testosterone levels?

Is it rather smart to start the nolvadex a week before clearance time, so it has built up in the blood and can act quicker?

Could this prevent or mitigate some side effects like ED and low libido?

You can start the Nolva the day after your last shot. It won’t do anything, but it probably won’t kill you. That being said, there’s no perfect line of demarcation where on one side a SERM doesn’t work and on the other side it does. You don’t need every last drop of testosterone to clear for it to start working, but you need some amount of it to be cleared. What that is is unknown.

As far as ED and low libido go, you kind of signed up for that, so expect some of it irrespective of how you tinker with the Nolva. Your body went through a huge change and there is a cost to that. For some guys it only last a week or two, others have issues for months. Some number of lucky guys never experience either of those on PCT. Total roll of the dice.

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