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Nolvadex, A Funny Thought

so nolvadex is used as an anti-estrogen so u dont get titties and whatnot lol, but it can also be used to help prevent breast cancer. so, do u think maybe your mom would reconsider hating you for taking steroids if you scored her some of these multipurpose pills?

I think you want the steroid forum…troll

If your mom has breast cancer she will have no problem getting treatment. I know that question was a put on or the babbling of a retard, but sometimes honest, thoughtful answers take the air out of a troll.


Do you have breast cancer?

There’s your answer


sorry for that bullshit hi just knew to the whole computer thing seeing if could actually post

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I doubt your actually a judge.

If you are, I’ll be your friend. ;}

My favorite color is nipple.

no you ass hole im not a real judge butt i do have aslight case of the puffy nip syndrome and yes bushy boy purposeley added an extra t in there for you kind of a pet peve huh shit im feeling dumber by the minute

I don’t comprehend what you said at the end of that post.

However, I was just joking as it seems like it’d be a good idea to have a friend in the judicial sector. Yeesh, lighten up friend.

I keep rereading your last post and I really can’t understand it.

okay mr swole just playing around there really no offense bro i just kind of threw a nerd ass punctuation joke at bushy i think miss spelled things piss him off a real question for you though im about to start 20mgs d-bol ed for 28 days 400test cyp weekly for three and a half months i do have slightly puffy nipples from last test deca cycle everyone is telling me adex but all i have is the nolv whats your thoughts bro will this halt the gyno till post cycle

damn did it again this is the judge mr swole i will be taking 10mgs nolv with that cycle

From what I gather of your last post in which you say you went from something like 175lb to 225lb in two months, I would assume your nipples are not “puffy,” but rather you packed on a great deal of fat. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve never done a cycle which is why I don’t give advice around here. Listen to what the guys here say, most of them are pretty knowledgeable and experienced. Pay special attention to anything Bushy/Prisoner/Contrl/World/Cortes/2thepain says, they are all very knowledgeable. (Sorry whoever I left out lol don’t be offended.)

contrl i think you may be right my bro ive seen gyno pics where the nipple gets more round i feel them theres nothing hard pushing them out do you think i should go without the nolv watching them close . but i can hold my right arm up in the air and give my self like a breast exam tothe right of the nipple is hardesh tissue is this my mammary glands swollen or am i just tripin

sorry so long winded on this but ive damn near felt your opinion exactly you know fat boy fat nips loose some weight they tighten back up and thx for a real reply stay pumped the judge

hello hello hello is there any one out there a quick note from the judge pink really dot stink

Have they been sensitive to touch? For example, when you do chest presses, does it hurt when the dumbbell presses on the nipple?

Also, are you still on cycle?