Nolvadex 20mg ED During 10-Week Cycle?

Hello guys I am new to this forums and to steroids

I will be running my first cycle & I have been researching for 6 months.
my cycle will be test-c/250mgx2 per week for 10 weeks
and I was thinking of running Androl-50 for the first 4 weeks + Liv52 DS till the end of the cycle
since I tried to look for Arimidex or Aromasin for 2 months straight I could not find them at all even through underground sources and I can’t order them online
I was thinking of running 20mg of Nolva Ed to prevent Gyno . is it a good idea or no and why? I already have my 2 Vials of Test C and a 50 tabs sheet of Androl + Liv52 DS (2x)
or should I do it 20mg EOD and I think I am prone to gyno since I was an idiot 2 years back and took anadrol for 6 days then suddenly stopped and got puffy nipples that fast I took Nolva to reverse it now I have done fair enough research but couldn’t find an answer to my question
Stats : 25 years old
Height : 185cm
weight: 79kg
Bf% : 11-12%

Not a doc, haven’t run a blast.

I dont think puffy nipples has anything to do with gyno, that’s tissue growth under the nipple that’s a hard growth (others please correct me if I’m off base), may have other manifestations. Did you have gyno during puberty?

Real gyno takes a fairly long time to develop not a few days and i think not even a few weeks.

Take it if you want, I suppose, general rule around here is not to take it unless you have actual symptoms. It’s nice to have on hand if symptoms develop but mainly, I’d save it for your pct.

Also, usually just run test is recommended for your first go around, if you have any issues you know what’s causing it.

Again, not a doc, not advice

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You could definitely run 20mg/day of nolva on cycle. It does help keep gyno away, I actually prefer it to an AI. Less harsh and easier to dial in without crashing your E2.
Is Androl 50 a prohormone designer steroid, or do you mean Anadrol? Anadrol has a reputation for gyno symptoms that doesn’t respond much to an AI or nolva. Apparently it disappears after you stop taking it.
Puffy nipples, itchiness doesn’t mean you have developed gyno. It does mean something is starting to happen and that you should take measures to prevent gyno developing. Better safe than sorry.

Drop anadrol, test only first cycle.

Nolva will be fine on cycle and you shouldn’t need 20mg every day. Maybe start at like 10mg EOD and bump it if needed.