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Nolva ?

Should i take 10mg of Nolva ED when doing a cycle of 500mg Test E/wk for 12 wk?? or should i just hold off and see if i have any sides and if not just wait to take 25mg ED wks 13-15 for PCT?

I’d hold off until you know you need it. Its the classic case of an ounce of prevention vs. if it ain’t broke. 500mg’s a week if a dosage that may not require much if any estrogen support.

Its best to wait 10-14 days after your last injection of enanthate and then I’d start at 40mg’s a week, then 30, 20 and 10 the fourth and final week. If you have the 20mg pills and don’t split them go 40/40/20/20EOD

my pills are 25mg so how should i split that up? and for PCT i should take it EOD or ED?

For PCT ED definitely. If you could split the pills in half you go 50/37.5/25/12.5 for a 4 week PCT. Also by splitting the pills you could run 12.5 on cycle if your nipples start to bother you