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Nolva with Hcg


im in my fourth week of my 12 week cycle and started my hcg today.I was gonna run it up to my pct and then start nolva but i just read that i should also run nolva at the same time to prevent a PERMANENT NATURAL TEST SHUT DOWN! is this possible?and if so how much nolva should i
take with it? im also taking arimidex at 20mg eod,would it be ok to take all this shit together?
cycle: 750mg sust250/wk 350mg tren acetate/wk 400mg drostonolone prop/wk hcg 250iu x 2/wk .any help on this would be greatly appreciated:)

                thanks guys,  TJ


your'e taking that big of a cycle and you don't know how hcg and tamoxifen work? That's something you probably should have figured out a long time ago.

You should understand that any time you use exogenous hormones, the permanent shutdown of your natural production is a potential outcome. This likelihood increases with length of cycle as well as quality of pct and some other factors. Now, many people have been just fine, even with very long cycles, fully coming back from them. Others are not as lucky.

Not sure where you got that information, but taking nolva with hcg on cycle isn't going to increase your chance of avoiding permanent shutdown. HCG will keep your body sending the signals that your body needs to produce natural test which is helpful in making your body's transition back to natural production easier.

So no, you don't need Nolva on cycle, just continue with HCG 500iu/wk. And hopefully you're using arimidex at .5mg EOD, not 20mg EOD.


oh ok thanks.i got the information from this site when i looked up hcg side effects!
and my arimedex comes in 1mg capsuls and iv been taking them eod.


1mg eod??? I feel lethargic and shitty just thinking about that.


I personally start @ 0.125mg EOD


well my capsuls are 1 mg. do i really have to take them all apart and split them?cant i just take one every 4 days


is splitting 3 capsules a week really that much of a hassle?


I actually take 1mg EOD and handle it fine, lesser doses just don't cut it for me.