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Nolva While on HRT

Hi Guys,
I am trying to use the search feature to find out about integrating Nolva into HRT. Im certain KSman wrote some stuff on it a year or two ago…that you can replace HCG for 7 days or so every so often with Novla (not sure what dose) instead.

Anyone do anything other than HCG? Cycle off it every now and then for a few weeks? Hop on Nolva and if so what dose?


The only motive was to allow some enhanced maintenance of fertility. hCG stimulates LH receptors very well and FSH very weakly [crossover]. FSH will improve sperm production and quality. Introducing a SERM periodically should have some benefits in terms of maintaining fertility. For a young man, this may be important. There is no medical data out there and the major unknown is individual activity.

As always, I try to direct guys to nolvadex and away from clomid because of the strong estrogenic side effects of clomid that some guys experience.

10mg would be sufficient. For how long is unknown, but it takes time for things to happen. There is no data, but perhaps hCG plus a LOW DOSE SERM would be beneficial, avoiding the following:

Do not use both at once as this will create LH overload with the risk of LH receptor desensitization; which would be absolutely contrary to your objectives. And too much LH receptor stimulation can cause a large amount of T–>E2 inside the testes which cannot be managed with anastrozole or other competitive AI’s.

Awesome feedback. You are the man. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am hoping your health is well my friend.