Nolva vs Arimidex

Which is better? I’d rather only get 1 anti-estrogen for possible gyno, and if anybody knows, would like some opinions and pro’s and cons of each.

I from the few sources that I’ve read, I think that arimedex is the stronger option but I’m looking for another opinion. Thanks!

Adex is stronger and more effective. But they do each have their own place. A-dex is the clear choice for on cycle prevention of estrogen related gyno. However, if one were to already have or get gyno a lot of people like using nolva to reduce the gyno itself

One is a SERM, the other an AI. I don’t think this is something you want to go cheap with, I would say get both. Saps spells out the “why”.

Ok great answer y’all I definitely want to get both and do that adex during and nolva after thing you reccomend and of course i’m going to have to research things like dosages, etc. But if I go a little heavy dosage-wise on the adex in order to nullify any chances of gyno, how much could/will adex prevent any gains? Could it reduce gains by 20 or 30%? Or by 50 or 75%?

It will never prevent gains. Gains come from a combo of what your inject but once you inject its still up to you to eat enough in general and specifically protein. Drink water get sleep and train like a demon. Being deficient in sleep, protein or training is much more of a gains preventer than taking .25mg of adex EOD ever will be

The assertion of reduced gains was based not on any observation of reduced gains, but attempted extrapolation from IGF-1 measurement of women with breast cancer.

As this came from a famous gooroo, it caused much fear and trepidation at the time.

The lack of actual reduced gains has considerably reduced fear in the meantime, but some residue remains.

I would always have both.

If you mean reduced gains in kgs’s by loss off water retention sure…but I lost 3 kgs of water/fat due to incresing my masteron which decreased my estrogen…didnt train for 3 weeks due to changes of jobs and night shift working days and nights, broken down car and other things…and came back stronger than ever 3 kilos lighter!

As for nolva, reduced gains and IGF…one previous cycle i was taking nolva ed while on cycle and I gained like crazy my lifts practically doubled onmost things so im with bill on this one.