Nolva True Detection Time?

Dear all,

Do you have information about the true urinal detection time of Tamoxifen (Nolva)?

The issue I have is that there is 1 single source and lots of people just act like parrots and tell the same story on other forums, so it kinda becomes the truth.

There is 1 study claiming the half life to be around 5-7 days and stating that metabolites can still be found 6 days later (but the study didn’t check for metabolites later on).

My problem is: in my country the authorities can “invade” any gym and force anyone to take a urine test with the same consequences as an elite athlete (2000 euro fine + criminal record etc). It’s crazy.

I found out my gym is on the radar. On the time being I was on HGH and a short heavy cycle of Anavar to aid in losing that last trunk fat. I discontinued the Anavar after 2.5 weeks only with 5 days of 20mg/day Nolva PCT just to be sure.

Anavar has a max detection time of 3 weeks, so that is covered, but the Nolva is worrying me. Some say 5-7 weeks other 4 weeks?

Any information with be great.

Ps: i’m saving up for a private home gym. This "nazi’ behavior is just insane.

Thank you very much in advance.

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I would be surprised if they tested for nolva TBH

Jeez where the fuck do you live!?

I live in Belgium :slight_smile:

I wonder if they test for ALL prohibited substances in a single steroid urine test. Like when they test for drugs they test for cocaine, weed, amfetamines,…

If I get a doping test like a pro athlete, I figure they’ll test for anti e’s as well…

Anyone with lab experience perhaps?


Great use of tax payer money.

Hey guys,

Although I appreciate your sympathy I’d still like an answer to my question.


[quote]Dahollow wrote:
Hey guys,

Although I appreciate your sympathy I’d still like an answer to my question.


My coach in track and field did not use nolva (as the whole greek national team), as it could be detected for up to 3 months.